Troy Custom Detectors is no longer manufacturing metal detectors. As a tribute to Troy Galloway, Graphique Du Jour is hosting a copy of his original website for his achievment in designing and bringing to market a the Shadow line of detectors, with features and performance previously unmatched. Graphique Du Jour Home

Preface: Shadow21 West Palm Beach, Fl: Going back to 2000 / 2001 we were always on the lookout for new technology that would give us an edge at finding older, deeper, more valuable targets. There was a buzz going around that an ex military communications engineer, Troy Galloway, was developing a new detector, based upon his success with the Shadow X2 manufactured by Tesoro. The new line would be several steps above that boasting extreme depth in difficult ground, lightweight and weather sealed. I was fascinated and kept up with any news regarding Troy's new detectors. There was an online weekly radio show called the Bugler's Shack Radio Hour that had Troy on as a guest to talk about this new technology. I was so enthralled with his bold venture of designing a metal detector beyond what all the big manufacturers had ever offered, that I even recorded that show and here it is. LISTEN TO THIS HISTORICAL RECORDING HERE

Obviously the forum is long gone, however I found 2 snippets of forum posts on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Amazing!

Opening of the New TCD Website & Forum March 2, 2003 - Oct 8, 2003 forum posts.

May 13, 2007 - July 4, 2007 TCD forum posts

Back to the beginning: A little history on the Shadow x2 and x5 how it all began

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At Troy Custom Detectors, our objective is simple……we build metal detectors for those who never accept second best. Successful and results-oriented people always choose products that push the limits on performance, quality and service. They know what it takes to give them the edge and to stay on top. Troy Custom detectors are designed specifically for these individuals, whether they are seasoned veterans or brand new to the hobby. There are many metal detectors on the market that offer a variety of attractive bells and whistles, but if you want real results in the field, a Troy Custom detector will give you the "unfair" advantage you are looking for.

The Shadow X5 is our top-of-the-line metal detector we call our ATD (All Terrain Detector). With the wide variety of special applications and hands-on user options, it virtually eliminates the need to own more than one land detector. The X5 and X3 operate at 19kHz, and have unique discrimination operation with exceptional depth on both low conductive and high conductive targets. Greater sensitivity to higher conductive targets at 19 kHz is accomplished with a unique circuit that boosts the sensitivity of high conductive targets in both the X5 and X3 detectors. Those elusive silver and gold coins, gold jewelry, Civil War relics and gold nuggets are within your reach, because we put the "treasure" back in treasure hunting!

Shadow X5
If your goal is to find deeper, quality targets, the Shadow X5 is a true all terrain detector, packing plenty of muscle to handle just about any hunting situation. It's simple to use, feather-light, and loaded with fingertip user options to maximize performance and minimize programming hassles. Once you've experienced the superior depth and discrimination capabilities of the X5, you'll find those "hunted out" sites aren't so hunted out after all! Finally...a single metal detector that really can do it all from coinshooting to relic hunting to competition hunting to beach hunting to cache hunting to gold nugget prospecting!
Shadow X5 Faceplate

Shadow X3
Shadow X3 Faceplate

For those who prefer the simplicity of true turn-on-and-go operation, yet want to maintain the superior depth, quality and performance of the X5, the even lighter weight X3 detector is for you. Equipped with a 7-inch precision coil, the X3 knows how to separate trash from treasure, root out deep relics, and leave others in the dust on competition hunt fields! Simple and fun to use, yet packed with power, the X3 takes its work very seriously to insure your success in the field!


Both the X5 and the X3 are completely weatherproof, are powered by a single 9 volt battery, and are backed by a solid limited lifetime warranty.
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