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Ultra-Light Weatherproof Design 2.5 lbs With Battery (May Vary Slightly)
Turn-On-and-Go Operation Fixed Pre-Set and Manual Ground Balance
Silent Search Operation All Modes of Operation
Adjustable Audio Threshold: All-Metal Auto Tune Operation
VLF Fast Response All Modes of Operation
Operating Modes:
  • Normal Discrimination Fixed Pre-Set or Manual Ground Balance
  • Beach Discrimination Fixed Pre-Set or Manual Ground Balance
  • All-Metal Auto Tune (Motion) Fixed Pre-Set or Manual Ground Balance
  • Black Sand All-Metal Auto Tune (Motion) Manual Ground Balance
  • Target Check Fixed Pre-Set or Manual Ground Balance
  • VCO Pinpoint (Non Motion) Fixed Pre-Set or Manual Ground Balance
  • Audio Discriminator Full Range (All-Metal)
    Ground Balance Fixed Pre-Set and Switchable 10 Turn Precision Ground Balance Control
    Operating Frequency 19 kHz
    Frequency Shifter 140 hz Above and Below 19 kHz
    Standard Search Coil Waterproof 9-Inch Round Concentric Spider
    Search Coil Compatibility 7-Inch Accessory Round Concentric and Future TCD Accessary Coils
    Coil Cable Length Approximately 3 ft 6 Inches (42 Inches)
    Audio Frequency Approximately 600 Hz Discrimination, 550 Hz All-Metal Auto Tune
    Audio Output 1 Inch Weatherproof Speaker and a Inch Weatherproof Headphone Jack
    Headphone Compatibility Standard Inch Stereo Plug
    Battery Requirement Single 9 Volt (Alkaline or Lithium)
    Battery Life (Typical) 25 Hours (Alkaline); 50 hours (Lithium)
    Battery Compartment Drop-In Weatherproof (No Wires or Connectors)
    Battery Door Weatherproof with Positive Lock Fastener
    Battery Test On-Demand Variable Audio Tone
    Control Housing Internal RFI Shielding and Weatherproof
    Pushbutton Switch Weatherproof
    Toggle Switches Weatherproof With Internal 0-Ring in Actuator
    Control Knobs With O-Ring & Tension Adjustable
    Optimum Temperature 20 to 110 degrees F
    Optimum Humidity 0 to 100% R. H.
    Rod Design 3 Piece with Locking Ring Stabilizers
    Arm Cup Adjustable, Forward & Backward and To Arm Size
    Warranty Limited Lifetime
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