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More About Hunting Beaches

You are 1/3 right. True I don't dig coins on a beach when I am hunting for the gold. A waste of time for me. I can dig coins anytime.

Now here is how I run the X5 on wet salt sand beaches right up to the water. Capt. Jack has already posted the setting I use. The target sw is the key to my hunting. When you get the beep flip the target sw down if the beep goes away dig, means your target is the conductivity of nickel or below including tinfoil where those nice big solitaire diamond rings are. Some of the nicer larger width bands with those nice diamond rings fall in the nickel range also. .If you still have the beep push the target switch up, if the beep GOES Away, dig, that puts you in the above nickel to and including round pulltabs and square pulltabs and zinc pennies, but also includes the larger ladies, and men's wedding band and diamond rings. I will add this thought on the coins. If I am in a old area with Silver Spanish Cobs(coins), Spanish Reales (coins) I will dig the coins as they are worth the time to dig.

I have to set my Shadow #006 to at least a 3.5 discriminate to get just above the salt mineralization. It will not run at a discriminate of 3. As the black sand starts to get in the act I have to go to the beach mode or ease the discriminate a little very little bit till it settles down. Some places like Fl. you can get away with running in the normal discriminate mode but when that black sand starts to accumulate and gets noisy and starts to false a little, just flip the switch up to the beach mode and keep on trucking. You are going to have to run the G/B in the preset mode . Also a few times where it is really bad like over on Galveston beach in some areas you have to turn up the Discriminate to 3.75 and even to 4 when it is super tough. Most places you will be able to run sensitivity at 8 or 8.5 at least I do. I can handle a little noise as I like the depth. You have to play around a bit till you get it set up but it really don't take long and you will have a blast. Well hope this helps you all out some.

May All Your Days Be Filled With GOLD.

Jerry aka Tinfoil and Shadow #006, still the finest machine I have ever owned.
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