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Bomb Hunting

Here are some pix and tips on bomb hunting. First,you need a good extremely sharp lesche relic
shovel and a first class probe.

After getting a good iron signal you need to use the probe to determine if the target is a shell or a
fragment.The ability to do this comes with practice.

This particular signal was very deep and the probe is not touching it at this point. I had to remove a
lot of dirt first.

After cutting through roots and down into the mud...the shovel has just hit iron and the hole begins to fill with water and the target has to be relocated with the probe.This hole is over 3 feet deep! Water has filled it up while digging.

Next use the probe to re-locate the target.This is a four foot probe, the tip is on the shell, which is still in the ground at this point.

Should have taken some pix of us wrestling this thing out of the ground but I was busy...wrestling it
out of the ground!I could feel the "bullet" shape with my hands but had no idea at the time I had
unearthed a rare, early war 45 pound solid read bolt with a copper sabot! Here it is right out of the

...and here is the shell after the preliminary cleaning. It is still in electrolysis after 4 months and many
more months to go.

Richard Angelico
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