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Other Possible Causes Of Chatter

You might want to check one or two things. First, the wind shouldnt affect your X5 at all. Period. If it IS, then you need to check these.. 1# Have a look at the connector where your coil wire goes into your control box. Make sure its good and tight. The connector WILL have a tendancy to loosen from time to time, from normal use, and its a good idea to check it on occasion. 2# Make sure your coil cable is wrapped tight, AND correctly. When you wind it around the shaft, be sure to wind it OVER the shaft when you start, and not under it. Make sure at least the bottom half of the windings are tight, and cant move. Secure the cable with those velcro wraps if necessary. 3# Have a look at your headphones, and your headphone jack. Try to simulate the windy conditions with the cord, and see if you can make it sound like it does when its windy out. If wiggling the cord produces noise, then you most likely have a defective headphone cord or jack. Most things like this can be attributed to loose connections, or something thats moving when its not supposed to. give your machine a good look over and see if it doesnt help.

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