Troy Custom Detectors is no longer manufacturing metal detectors. As a tribute to Troy Galloway, Graphique Du Jour is
hosting a copy of his original website for his achievment in designing and bringing to market a the Shadow line of detectors,
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Applications for the 9", 7" and 5" Concentric Coils

The larger the coil, the more ground it "sees." The 9" coil goes the deepest and covers the most ground, and excels in "good soil" environments where trash and mineralization are low. The 7" coil is a good all-purpose coil for hunting in moderate trash and mineralization, and goes almost as deep as the 9" coil. It's also good for competition hunts for its superior target seperation. The 5" coil is best in high trash areas because it offers optimum target separation and goes surprisingly deep for its size.
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