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Setting Up the X5 For Competition Hunting

You have asked several good questions about how to best set up the X5 for competition hunts. Since you know in advance, for this hunt, there are low conductive targets you to want find (buffalo nickles) then the DISC setting should be no higher than 4. Unless the hunt field is large, it is wise to start the hunt in the BEACH DISC mode and low SENS setting. About 3 or 4 on the SENS setting will help with quicker pinpointing in the DISC mode without using the VCO pinpoint switch. Remember competition hunts are all about speed and the X5 has very quick recovery speed for pinpointing in the DISC mode. As the hunt progresses and the targets start to become less frequent, then switch to NORMAL DISC and raise the SENS up to 7 or 8 for maximum coil foot print and sweep coverage.

If you are a serious competition hunter you should consider the new 7-inch accessory coil as it is a real "sweetheart" for competition hunts. Even though the 9-inch coil is lightweight and pinpoints very accurately, the 7-inch coil is even lighter, swings faster and pinpoints quicker. Here is a good tip! Practice pinpointing "a lot" without using the pinpoint switch on shallow coins both flat and on edge. Also, be aware of how many physical movements you have in the target recovery process. Try to develop a technique that reduces the number of movements you normally make (bending over as opposed to going down on one or both knees, try not to lay the detector on the ground, etc). Many of the real Hot Shots spend a lot of time in their back yard practicing pinpointing and target recovery techniques. P.S. I am not one of them!!!

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