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Some Info on the Shadow 10 x 5 DD Coil

1. Shadow DD pinpoints dead center and just forward of the rod. No matter if you are in all metal(used when target is past 8") and the Pinpoint Button (under 8").

2. For a 10x5" coil it is very light. Look at the weight of the other 10" DD coils and check the weight of those coils. The weight of the Shadow DD is pretty close to the weight of the Shadow 9" coil. I don't remember but I think it is lighter. Also it is epoxy filled and not foam filled.

3. The Shadow DD coil compared to the 9",7",and the 5" Shadow coils does not lose detector depth or it's sensitivity to small targets. Most DD's lose depth compared to their counterpart concentric coils.

4. The Shadow DD handles the mineralization of the hot ground better.

5. The eliptical DD coils are better at wiggling around in the trash, in the weeds and thick tree growth. For the relic hunters it gets down in between the plowed rows better and covers alot of area.

6. Since I am a trash hunter and hunt in the trash and iron trash infested areas, the new DD and the 5" concentric coils work wonders in this stuff. Out comes the little 5" coil when you get into the, what I call, "the super trash" and iron. That is when you really find out how much patience you really have in this hobby. The trash rewards are a real pleasure and I promise you it don't get any harder then that kind of hunting. You guys and ladies that tackle those kind of areas know what I am talking about when you pull the nice targets out of all that iron and trash. You just can't do it though if you don't have the right coil to do it with. A plus is that you get a lot of depth even with the small 5" coil even more so then other makers of 5" coils. Richard out of New Orleans can sure back me up on that. You have all seen his posts on the DD and the 5" coil. When it is super trashy due to target masking the little 5" coil really will drag those good targets out.

7. I am hoping the next Troy Detector will have the option of which coil you want to put on your detector to fit your type of hunting. I am hoping that the new machine will have the same frequency as the X5 and the X3. I know I would like that idea. I am also hoping I get one of the first detectors off the line like My Miss Sweet S/N double 006 X5. My order is in guys :D :D . I have all the confidence in the world in Troy and the new machine and I know it will be a quality detector like the X5, X3 and the X2, you can bet on that.

8. I use a quick change set up on my coils as I buy the lower and upper rod with all my coils. All I have to do is undo the connector take the old coil off and click the new one on and connect the connector and I am off and going quickly and no messing around wasting time wrapping coil wire and connecting rods and the like. Really works great when I find a trash spot and have very little time to hunt. Plus, I just hate the aggravation of changing everything back again. Works like a charm when I am in the trash with the DD and hit the super trash. Just undo the DD, clasp the rod, click on the 5", shove the DD and rod in my belt loop and just keep cooking.

9. I like to think the Shadow DD is like a fat windshield wiper blade. 5" wide 10" long. The ground coverage is just like that. One 10" swipe move to the next 10". Talk about covering ground. However, even I still catch myself doing some overlap of the DD because I still hunt with the concentric coils and you better overlap at least 50% if not more when hunting with a concentric coil. The new Shadow DD does spoil you though getting all that ground coverage.

10. Being you are dealing with the fat windshield wiper concept when it comes to the Shadow Dirty "D" you are going to get great target seperation on your targets and targets that are close together. A plus is you can work the front part of the coil all around the target and the targets in the trash better then the larger coils and you can better seperate the targets. Wiggle in and wiggle out like I sing to myself when I am in the trash and using the Dirty "D" :D :D . You get the seperation required so you can ID the target better.

11. Some machines that use DD coils have a lot slower target recovery/response then the Shadow X5 with the DD coil on. You can still swing faster then some of the other machines that use DD coils and you get the depth of a concentric coil which the others don't get. I can do a name brand comparison but that is not the purpose of my wanderings here on the Shadow DD. I can say however overall that the Shadow DD compared to the other DD coils is Better, Better, Better in all the ways you might look at a DD coil and also the way you would compare a DD versus a concentric coil.

12. Even in bad ground the Shadow DD out does my other machines that use the DD coil. That is coil for coil size comparison. I have done the comparisons with my own DD machines and I know.

13. Oh BTW, the Shadow DD loves targets on edge. You can even hear them at a normal sweep speed and good enough to make you stop, investigate and recheck the target. When I was running the new DD through its paces I was very careful in my digging to specifically check the position of the target in the ground. You can usually tell before you even dig the target if it is on edge or not. I took the DD to a lot of my hunted out places and on edge targets was what most of the targets were. I was really impressed at all the on edge targets I had missed and the depth I was finding them at, compared to my other DD machines. Man, I mean deep! I am not talking big targets either. Buttons, bullets and coins and small stuff are what I am talking about. Those of you that have the Shadow DD know what I am talking about.

14. DD coils on the beach are a MUST HAVE. That is all there is to it, period. For the coverage, you mix that with the DD fat windsheild wiper blade concept with lighting fast recovery/response of the X5 and brother you can cover some beach with that Dirty "D" coil. You are already hunting with one of the fastest target response machines on the market. Not even to mention the light weight of the DD, depth and the X5. Now there is a combination that I just love.

15. I hope no one got bored reading my wanderings. If I had to get rid of all my machines and coils and keep only one machine and coil, I guess you have already figured out what they would be.

16. Thanks for reading my very long post and thanks to Troy for building My Sweet Miss #006 X5 and all the coils I have bought to go with it.
BTW, I am not a dealer. I was not asked to make this post nor was I paid for it. These are my wanderings and mine alone. I paid for my X5 and all the coils just like you did. I always believed there is nothing in life or this world that is free. I believe if you want quality you pay for it. The Troy machines and everything in the Troy line is just that. I am a Senior Aircraft Quality Inspector and quality is my business. You have that in a Troy Product. I am really looking forward to the new machine and can't wait till I get mine.

17. Well again, thanks for reading my post. So now I will shut up and go back to my Lurking and reading all your guys and ladies posts and looking at the great pictures and finds ya'll make.

Later and May All Your Days Be Filled With Gold Jerry aka Tinfoil
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