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Ground Balancing And Checking For Electrical Interference

Yes, there are several controls that if not adjusted correctly can and will cause excessive noise when searching in the DISC mode. Let me run through a quick check with you on how to best set up the X5.

1) Place the mode switch to All-Metal. With the coil up in the air adjust the Sens control to approximately 8 and adjust the Threshold control to a very slight audio tone. Note: The higher you set the Threshold tone volume, the more dominant the noise will be in the DISC mode.

2) Find a spot of ground that has no metal targets and go through the manual ground balance procedure. After the ground balance point has been found, then adjust the GB control ¼ to ½ turn clockwise (positive). This last GB step is very important to reduce ground noise pick-up. Note: During the GB procedure, if you do not find the point where the threshold tone goes silent when lowering the coil to the ground, then you do not have the X5 ground balanced correctly. This is the NUMBER ONE cause for ground chatter and Fixed GB should be used.

3) With the DISC control set to 3.5 to 4, place the mode switch to DISC and with the coil up in the air adjust the SENS control clockwise until slight chirping starts, then back-off counterclockwise until the chirping becomes quiet. This setting should be between 8 to 9 depending on the electrical activity in the area. If chirping is still present at 8 or less (7, 6 or 5) then you are in a very high electrical activity area. This can be verified by holding the coil up in the air while in the All-Metal mode and listen to the Threshold Tone. If the Threshold Tone is not stable and is fluctuating or motorboating then you are in an area with high electrical interference. To help this situation you should then go to BEACH DISC mode which is the fall back mode any time excessive noise is experienced.

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