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Broadband Interference and Sweep Speeds

You have asked a couple of good questions. During the development of the X5 we spend a great deal of time and effort perfecting the broadband electrical interference filtering so that we would have very good broadband interference rejection and at the same time maintain excellent depth with both fast and slow sweep speeds. The type of filters and where they are placed in the circuit has a big effect on broadband electrical interference rejection, depth and sweep speed.

The rule of thumb on sweep speed is that you need to slow down when searching in heavy mineralized soil and when searching in high trash areas. Otherwise, the X5 does very well with a fast to moderate sweep speed.

The chirp you hear when manually adjusting the discrimination control is normal. The X5 is a very sensitive detector and it is actually sensing the changes your making in to the discrimination circuit during the time you are moving or adjusting the discrimination control. Once you have adjusted the control to the point you desire, then it will only chirp or beep on a target
when the coil is passed over it.


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