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Iron and the Discrimination Scale

Some of the terminology used in this hobby is a little misleading. I'm sure you have seen the discrimination charts, which have been widely published that show "iron" at the lower end of the discrimination scale. Well, this leads many people to believe that a discriminator should be able to reject ALL iron by adjusting the discriminator above the iron level illustrated by the published charts. Well, this simply is not the case at all. Depending on the size and shape of an iron object, it can show up all the way across the discrimination scale from one end to the other. What the published charts are actually illustrating when they show iron at the lower end of the scale are SMALL iron objects which are the most common iron targets found in the field such as nails and small pieces of rusty wire etc.

There are several effective ways to help you identify small, medium and large size iron targets with the X5. Most of these methods are listed in the X5 Tips section on the Web site. However, you mentioned that they did not work for you or maybe you didn't understand fully what to listen for. If you would like to call me, then I will be happy to go through the different
methods with you and I believe you will get good results. Please call anytime at: 1-877-437-4345 (toll free)


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