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Shadow Research Center

Official Records Website

Learn to use the Official Records web site and if there was Civil War activity in your area, you will be given more leads than you know what to do with.

Learning to search is the critical part in scanning the records. For a simple way to get started and
then you will add to your expertise, do the fllowing. Browse through the Volumes and find out which particular volume or volumes covers your area. Now use the simple search option and type in the word 'encamped' You will notice hundreds of hits to that single word. Now copy down the pages of the 'hits' mentioned in your particular volume and enjoy some great reading. You can search other words such as prominent landmarks, bridges, streams, creeks, hilltops, commander names, etc, etc, etc and add to your list of 'hit' pages.

For those who do not know, you will be reading the words put down on paper by actual Field
Commanders describing day to day events in their Units to the next higher command. The link is
below. Enjoy the research.

Official Records Website

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