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Setting The Threshold

I'm not sure if it was mentioned when discussing Gb, but its essential to have your Threshold set correctly BEFORE you GB any machine. This WILL adversely affect depth, and/or target response!! Holding the coil well off the ground, and AWAY from any metallic objects. (this includes your car, metal buildings, etc etc....), flick the machine in all metal, and adjust the knob under the 5 till you can hear a SLIGHT threshold noise. Take care to point the coil away from any possible interference (power lines etc..)Then, and only then should you GB the machine. The placement of the Threshold knob makes it easy to bump it taking it in and out of your car, and you should get in the habit of checking it every time you Gb the machine. Set it too low, and you WONT get the depth you might expect. Set it too high, and the response to ALL targets will be louder, including JUNK!!! Setting the threshold a tad high is a little trick to "enhance" the response of smaller targets, but it will enhance everything else as well, and should be utilized only in areas where trash is at a minimum. If you are hunting areas where the trash % is very high, and you want to cut down on the noise, and aren't concerned about a little loss of depth, then setting the Threshold LOWER than norm often makes the 5 quieter, and easier to pick through the targets. In competition hunting, I usually set the threshold on the low side, and run in fixed GB, and in Beach disc. Depth isnt a consideration at most hunts, and this will effectively 'detune ' the detector, for some high speed hunting! I also set the sens no more than halfway up the scale. You'll also be more "interference proof" if you set it up this way. (but frankly, I seldom get interference with the 5, even from other shadows!).

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