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VCO Pinpointing

When you are using the VCO Pinpoint are you initially pushing the button when you are off to the side of the target and then gradually bringing the back over the target or are you pushing the button when you are almost directly over the target. If you are right over the target there is a possibility that you are tuning the X-5 to the target and if you are almost centered you could lose your Pinpoint signal as you move the coil and get away from being directly centered over the target. You might try this test. Lay a coin on top of the ground then move the coil about 8" to the side of the coin push your VCO Pinpoint Button and bring the coil over the coin the and hold it there. As you bring the coil closer to the coin the loudness and the pitch of the tone should increase. When you are directly over the coin hold the level without moving it in any direction. By this point the sound should be loud and very high pitched and it should stay that way as long as you do not move the coil or release the button. If at this point the sound doesn't stay loud and high pitched and the target gets tuned out by itself I would say that you may have something wrong with your X-5. But I am leaning more toward the possibility that you may be pushing the Pinpoint Button when you are already over the target causing the signal to disappear if you move the coil off the target. You might also try this to prove what I am saying. Place you coil within about an inch of dead center of the coin laying on the ground and push the pinpoint button. You should get a fairly loud high pitched sound but it won't be quite as loud as when you brought the coil in from the side. Now if you move the coil away from the coin the signal will disappear almost immediately. Hope this helps!!!!

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