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Shadow X5 Warranty & Service Questions

Recently, the subject of warranty and service questions has come up concerning the Shadow X3 and X5, and I'd like to take this opportunity to answer these questions.

We would like this to be very clear to everyone... The lifetime warranty is valid, and will continue to be valid from Fisher, to all those original owners of the Shadow X3 and Shadow X5 who have their warranty cards on file at Fisher. This warranty is exactly the same as Fisher offers on their standard products. Please be assured Fisher is well-stocked with Shadow X3 and X5 parts and will continue to honor the lifetime warranty for all original owners who have sent in their warranty card. For those who are not the original owners and require service or repairs, this non-warranty service will be performed by Troy Custom Detectors.

In either case, for warranty or non-warranty service, the user should contact Troy Custom Detectors first by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-437-4345, and Troy or I will be happy to help "troubleshoot" the problem. In many cases, we can save the customer the trouble of sending in his detector for repair by going over a checklist of possible reasons the detector isn't operating properly. Sometimes it's a small adjustment the user may have overlooked. Calling Fisher first will only result in a referral back to TCD for an initial troubleshooting consultation. We want all Shadow owners to be confident that their detector will always be covered by warranty and non-warranty service.

We would also like to confirm that all Shadow X3 and X5 accessories, including coils (5", 7", 9" and 10 x 5 DD), coil covers, Troy Pro headphones and the new detector carrying bags are in production and in stock. All present and future coils WILL be compatible with the new detector family when it becomes available. Be assured that Troy and his engineers are working diligently to bring you the new family of detectors. In the meantime, please feel free to call our toll-free number with any questions or concerns, and thanks for your support and patience as we continue to focus on accomplishing our goals!

Amy Maruso
TCD Marketing Director
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