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Weatherproof vs. Waterproof

To help put your mind at ease, the X5 control housing is completely sealed when it leaves the factory. Where rain can cause a problem is when moisture gets into the screw on coil connector. If moisture does get into the coil connector it can cause erratic behavior. It is a simple matter of
disconnecting and drying it out. However, I am assuming that you purchased your X5 new and that the control housing has not been previously opened which breaks the main weatherproof seal and voids the warranty. Even though the control housing is sealed and moisture should not enter the electronics, it is a good idea to somehow protect the coil connector from moisture, if you use the X5 in steady rain or during a gully washer. Maybe I should look into offering some sort of a rain/dust cover. Through the years, I have found that keeping a couple of plastic shower caps handy while in the field is always a good idea.


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