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Shadow X2 Tips


OK, you're on vacation. The sun is bearing down on you and your hands are getting slippery from all that sun tan lotion. You want to find gold jewelry so bad you can taste it. You just got this slick machine weighing all of two pounds and have found tons of coins with it. Lots of really nice zinc pennies on the beach. Ha!!

Some folks don't live close enough to a beach to to go there every week or so. So, how do you maximize your time and effort? Do you really go there to find those clad coins you can find at home? Heck no!! You want to go for the GOLD!!!! On a good day at a beach you can find $2-$5 in clad. Folks, that's not enough to feed my Cadillac.

Gold is low in the detector conductivity scale. Most gold will register in upper foil and below coins. Aha! here's the secret! Set your Shadow disc no higher than #2 if possible, and the sensitivity as high as you can without getting excessive falsing. Start your search. Got a signal? Test it with the 'coin check' button. Is it a coin? It is? Well, move on. Few, very few gold jewelry pieces will register as coin on the ShadowX2. To get the gold you need to play the odds. 95% of gold registers between foil, nickels, and pulltabs. So, if you don't dig those stinkin' Lincolns, you can clean out a beach in a day. Saves wear and tear on the old back.

I absolutely guarantee that if you only dig signals below coin, you will do MUCH better than anyone who spends his time unearthing those valuable zinc pennies.

By the way, I know what I'm talking about since I made a living for about a year doing nothing but beach hunting....HH

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