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Shadow X2 Tips


If you are selective and dig iffy signals only at productive sites then you will be consistently more successful. I know you hear "you should dig everything" because you never know what you could miss. Just think about all the good signals missed because you spent all your valuable time digging nonproductive iffy signals. The message here is listen to your Shadow and learn to trust it. This may take a little willpower but it DOES pay-off in the long run.

Q:. Figure the old stuff is too deep and move to other sites?

A. Not just yet, as these sites do sound promising. However, I have the impression the homes are still occupied or just recently vacated as you spoke of newer trash items. In the case where older items are mixed with an abundance of modern trash, I always use this method: Try Disc at 7 (pointer directly on the number 7) and SENS at 8 to 8.5 and hunt very slow with short sweeps. Ignore all loud signals and pay careful attention to faint repeatable signals. With the DISC at 7 you will loose all low conductive targets including nickels and common pulltabs, but will detect most aluminum screw caps, zinc pennies, copper pennies (excluding the thicker nickel based IH's 1859-64)(but including the copper based IH's 1864-09), 2 cent, half dimes, 3 cent silver, clad & silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars, gold 5, 10 and 20 dollar coins. If older coins were not found then I would suspect the area has been covered with fill dirt.

Q: Should you dig all the hundreds of "iffies"?

A: It is always a good idea to initially dig some of the iffy signals at new and promising sites. But as the song says, "you got to know when to hold' em and know when to fold' em."

Troy Galloway
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