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Shadow X2 Tips


I would like to suggest you try the following pinpoint method: Upon locating a signal, place the coil as close to where you believe the target is located and shake or whip the coil very fast, back and forth only a couple of inches from side to side while at the same time, move the coil to the strongest signal. This does a couple of different things. It will accurately pinpoint the target in the discrimination mode, plus it will help identify if the target is iron. If it is a good target (brass, silver, gold, etc.) the ShadowX2 will repeat beep every time the coil crosses over the target, no matter how fast you are moving the coil. If the signal disappears, starts to break up or changes audio pitch, then you can bet it is an iron target. An expanded method to determine if the target is iron in heavy trash is by using the coin-check button, but this is another subject. Remember, if the target is odd shaped or if it is a coin on edge, or if the target is close to another target, especially iron, then precise pinpointing is difficult.

I also have experienced detecting signals outside the coil which is normal and other times the target must be directly under the coil. I believe there are several factors that will cause this to happen. The size and depth of the target are the main factors. Targets in rusty iron contaminated soil or highly mineralized soil is another contributor. Plus, a good target close to a piece of iron will also cause this to happen.

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