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Shadow X5 Finds by Anthony Hickerson of South Carolina

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Hey gang this is me with one of my best finds it is a 13 inch morter shot from the largest mobil cannon in the hole union arsenal. What was it doing down here if I knew that I would write a book just goes to show you never can tell what your going to find on any given trip , so keep hunting guys and gals BREED.

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Here I am with my best find ever,the 13 inch 210 lb. dictator cannon ball. I hunt with a group of ten guys who go by the name of the boys in the low country. they really are a great bunch with alot of different backgrounds but always get along great and share the same great hobby. I became a dealer for TCD as soon as they would let you sign up and im proud to say that every one in the club is a shadow X5 user with one exception and were working on him all in all its the best machine I have ever used. We were shocked when we saw how deep these things can go our old hunted out sites became our new stomping grounds. buttons from 14 to 16 inches deep some even deeper but for people who havent seen them I know its hard to believe .But now that we are hearing it from so many people it has become are some of my best finds since I started using my X5 ,see ya in the woods !!!

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