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Shadow X5 Finds by Chris Hirsch of Texas

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What a great day I had today! I have been waiting for one of these buttons for many, many years. And, when I find is one of the best condition examples I have ever seen. I dug it in a Confederate camp that I have had exclusive rights to hunt now for about 5 years. It is my favorite place to go even though the relics have pretty much dried up. It was a beautiful day in Texas and I took my best hunting buddy (my dog Doc) and headed out for a nice day in the woods. I dug enough signals to keep my busy and then....!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. It's a T. Miller, Houston, TX made Confederate button in pristine condition. The photos don't do it justice. It is smooth and a perfect olive green. It ranks in my top 3 buttons. X5 #83 is doing it's thing in style, thanks Troy!

One happy detector!
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