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Shadow X2 Finds: Relics From Confederate Camp Site
in Texas Fort Site by Chris Hirsch
Military Relics
US Belt Plates

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Comments From Chris Hirsch, Texas Relic Hunter:

Howdy Troy,
Here's some stuff I dug since I began using the SHADOW X2. I do believe about half of it I would have missed with another machine! I am a Shadow advocate!!!

Rare Texas Button Found by Chris Hirsch

chirschstarbutton.jpg - 9677 BytesThanks to Chris Hirsch photo and the following story
Hey Troy,

The Shadow is doing it's job big-time! I found this button with it a few days ago. It is not in any book and I believe it's a Texas Confederate local. It's a 23mm coat button with a very high dome and no back mark. It's a very good and seemingly very rare button.

I found it at a very trashy (nails,etc.) house site that other detectorists had gone over before. My friend Kim Elam, who has Shadow with the different frequency than mine, has finally hit good after not getting anything with other detectors. He has been out twice and got a "script I" one day and a "script A" the next. He's a happy "camper''. No one knows what treasure is in the ground but the Shadow knows!

I'll be in touch.

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