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Shadow X5 Finds by Brian Frye of Kingsport, TN

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Hello, my name is Brian Frye I live in Kingsport, TN. I have been metal detecting for almost 7 years. I enjoy metal detecting for jewlery, old coins, and civil war relics I also enjoy shallow water hunting. My favorite areas to hunt are, old home sites, churchs, schools, civil war sites, and beachs. Ive been detecting with a shadow X2 since 1998 and I recently purchased a Shadow X5 (Both made by Troy Custom Detectors). Ive put togeather some pictures of my finds, I hope you enjoy them!

1 - I found these items at a construction site on a riverbank. Ring, coins, heelplate, bullets, copper indian bead, and lead pencil. Found with X5

2 - A trip to the old part of town earned me these 2 old quarters. Found with X5

3 - Script "P" Button Found with X5

4 - The man who owns the land where I found these bullets said most people detect one time and he never sees them agian. I think its a pretty good spot. I plan on going back. Found with X5

5 - My X5 works real well on these small gold earrings.

6 - Anyone getting married?

Anyone getting married soon?

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