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Shadow X5 Finds by John Hitt of Texas

I went on a detecting trip to England at the end of September, 2003 and had a great time hunting the plowed fields there. I was hoping to find a few items older than the things we find in East Texas but never dreamed of finding what I did. This is my first gold coin. It is Celtic, Cunobelin Tribe, full Stater, 10 AD - 20 AD. It is about the size of a nickel, maybe a hair smaller but is as thick as a nickel. It is concave on the side the horse is on and has a stalk of barley on the other. I had the X5 Disc. set on 3.5 and the Sens. set on 8.5. I was following a potato picker through the field, that was better than hunting in the tall rows that had not been harvested. The coin was about 6" deep and as you can imagine, it gave a great signal. I bought my X5 the first day they were available and have not used any other detector since. As a lot of the people that frequent the Shadow forum know, I spend about 90% of my hunting time in Ghost Towns and CW Relic sites. These types of sites tend to have a lot of trash to hunt through. This is a good time for me to express my feelings about hunting with the X5 in trashy sites. I can honestly say that in the first 6 months that I hunted with the X5, I dug more good signals out of the trash than I did the whole time I hunted with my X2, and I thought it was good in the trash. That ability has allowed me to find tokens and coins that I don't believe I would have found with any other detector. If you like hunting in an area that has over 2000 years of artifacts and relics in the ground, you might want to give England a try.

John Hitt - JLHTX - Oct 2003
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