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Beautiful Emerald Ring Found With ShadowX2

Peter O'Brien's Emerald Ring
Thanks to Peter O'Brien of Lawrenceville, Georgia for the photo and following story:

Well, with all the rings found with Shadow, I felt I had to add my ante as well. Found this Emerald ring second time out with the X2. It was at about 3.5 inches in bone dry red Georgia clay, wrapped around an 1893 Indian Head. Took it to a local jeweler who dated it about 1850 and appraised it for $700.00. He repaired and resized the band to fit my wife (gotta get those points for when I need to go hunting and she has a lot of Honey Do's on the list)

Sorry I didn't put an object like a dime next to the ring to give you an idea of size. If it is of any help, the Emerald is about the size of a baked bean

The way I figure it, the ShadowX2 has more than paid for itself and it is only costing me battery purchases from here on in..

Thanks Troy for a great machine!!

Peter O'Brien
Lawrenceville, Georgia
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