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Shadow X5 Finds by Shadow21 of West Palm Beach, Fl

I have been detecting for over 20 years now, during which time I have used many top-of-the-line detectors. My passion is relic hunting which in Florida means Seminole Indian War or early Florida selttlement and occupation. After that it's hunting for older coins. Anyone that knows Florida, knows that most of the state is covered with sand. Anything that has been lost sinks fast in sand and if it's old it can be very deep. The Shadow X5 has the depth and performance that surpasses every other detector I have every used! It is fast, lightweight, extremely versatile and yet very easy to learn and use. This means I can cover more ground in a shorter time with less fatigue which translates into "More Finds."

If I could have only one detector it would be the X5. I have been waiting all my detecting life for a detector like this. The X5 is finally a reality. The more I use it the more amazed I am at it's capabilities. There is nothing about it that I would change and the only thing better than an owning a Shadow X5 would be owning two of them.

Shadow21 - There Be Found Many Great Treasures 'Neath The Shadows

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Sept, 2002 - I usually hunt the dry sand as I never much liked chasing waves and tides, etc.

This day in the dry sand I used Normal mode, Disc low 3, Sensitivity 8. I was digging lots of small foil up to 5 inches deep. My goal was the small gold jewelry. While detecting I received one of those near faint but clear, deep signals. Used my beach scoop to shovel out the sand. On the last scoop full, there was a ring of gold laying flat in the bottom of the hole. It was a 14k gold ring. I did not have a tape measure with me, but the depth was the equivalant to 1 1/2 times the length of my 9" beach scoop, making the ring at least 14" deep.

Absolutely amazing... as this beach is hit hard by several detectors daily. Thank you Troy!


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Mid Sept, 2002

2 weeks later.... I have never dug this much gold for just a few hours of detecting with any other detector. It has only been three weeks and I am still on the same original battery! This is my third gold item I have dug from the dry sand at the beach. Sorry for the poor image, it is a lot nicer in person. White gold over yellow 14k... nice and heavy.

(big smile)

Other beach finds during this period include a silver ring, a heavy gold earing and a tiny gold heart-n-key charm.


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Oct 2002

This is the first time relic hunting an 1830's Seminole Indian War fort site with my new Shadow X5. It is a property that had been searched for many years by several different relic hunters. No hype! Everything was deep... finding buckshot and percussion caps at 5 inches or more was the norm.

The Artillary Coat button was my find of the day.

You can bet I will be going back to search many old hunted out sites with my X5.



Best Beach Find On New Years Eve

I made my best beach find on the last hunting day of 2005. Beaches were packed. Up in the dry sand. Cartier Stainless Tank Francaise - Retail is $3900. I keep picking it up to make sure it is real and not a dream. Anyway, it made my day.

I don't know what I will do with it... I don't wear a watch. ??

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