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X5 Finds By Kim Cox (Streak) of Stroudsburg, PA

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The one item is a Saxon strapend, dating to about 800AD. It's most likely part of some kind of horse tack. It's complete, right
dowm to the rivets that held it to the strap, and features a nice silver inlay, depicting some sort of dragon, I think. The museum in
Ely expressed great interest in this piece, as it was in much better shape than a piece they had recently bought! Last I heard it
was being X-rayed, to get a better pic of the animal on the silver inlay. It's a highly prized and sought after find.

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The coin, is a roman Denari, dating to 31-32 BC. It is a Mark Anthony Denari, and was minted for his 4th legion, for the battle with
Octavious. One of the most interesting things about this coin, is that legend has it, the silver used to make it came from
Cleopatra's treasure! Sooo, its not only 2033 years old, it has a bit of history as well!! Its truly one of my better UK finds........

I was born in a little rural section of NE Penna., and spent my youth in the pursuit of Trout, Bass, and the occasional Walleye. It wasn't until my sixteenth birthday that a cousin of mine introduced me to the wonders of Treasure Hunting, and subsequently, Metal Detecting. Being 10 years my senior, he had much more expertise and experience in this area than I, but I caught the bug rather quickly despite my tender years.

My passion for Detecting waxed and waned over the next few years, being temporarily replaced by cars, and of course, the occasional girl. Despite the distractions, it (detecting) never left me, and the next 30 years or so found me expanding my experiences, and gaining familiarity with a multitude of detectors. I suppose I was a "coin shooter" primarily, although I did have to odd opportunity to detect the occasional Revolutionary war site or fort. My main sites consisted of Colonial and Victorian style homesteads, and they yielded a veritable cornucopia of treasures, most of which are still in my possession today. In the heyday of detecting it wasn't uncommon to bring home 40 or 50 pieces of silver in a day, and that's not counting the Indians, Wheaties, and other goodies that fell prey to my coil. It wasn't until the advent of the internet, and a move of a hundred miles, that I truly expanded my horizons, and got the opportunity to experience Detecting in a great many other forms.

Competition hunting has become my favorite type of hunting, although some describe it as "shooting fish in a barrel". With us, it isn't so much the competition itself, as it is the camaraderie and friendships that have developed through frequenting the hunts. I owe some of my very best friends to this sport, and continue to enjoy their company and companionship to this day.

I've had the pleasure and opportunity to use virtually every kind of machine out there, from BFO'S to Pulse units, but my favorite is the old tried and true VLF unit. I've also been fortunate enough to have detected in pretty much every different detecting environment, with the exception of deep underwater detecting (SCUBA). I've detected in driving sleet, rain, snowstorms, hurricanes, and droughts. I've detected two continents, and dozens of states. Detecting has opened a world to me I had never previously thought possible. Simply put, I love detecting, and can't imagine my life without it.

Recently I've had the distinct honor of becoming the Captain of the Official Shadow Detecting Team, and have had a hand in forming the world first truly international Detecting club (F.I.N.D.S). Metal detecting has been VERY good to me, and it's a hobby that I would recommend to ANYONE, regardless of age or background. Where else could you find a hobby that lets you recover and relive the past, enjoy great new and old friends, and offer's the opportunity to be something greater than yourself?

A lot of friends and acquaintances ask me why I use and endorse the new Shadow X5. The answer to that is really simple. It works. I've used a LOT of machines over the years, and although I enjoyed great success, and really liked a lot of them, each and every one had things about them I DIDN'T like. Truth is, the more I use the X5, the harder it is to find something I DON'T like about it. It's almost as if I had designed it myself. Its light weight, versatility, quality construction, extreme sensitivity, and quick target response are all things I would have designed into it myself, had I the capability. Fortunately for us, there WAS someone with the opportunity, desire, and capability to produce it for us. Troy Galloway. As the Shadow family grows, I look forward to all the great finds I'm going to be seeing on the Shadow forum and website in the future. But most of all, I eagerly anticipate the continuation of old friendships, and the addition of new ones, all made possible by our fantastic hobby. Remember to detect responsibly and honestly. Our future may depend on it. Respectfully,

Kim Cox (Streak!)
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