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Capturing moments & places through photos & graphics.
Vintage photos, engravings, print illustration, art and even exploring Florida's history.

Read ABOUT Graphique Du Jour to get a better idea of what is being presented here. Basically a little on Photography, a little on Metal Detecting & Exploring Florida, a little on Antique Graphics & Illustration Art and links to Scriptural Based Teachings. This is a work in progress, a site that will grow and change over time. My goal is not to post hundreds of my own images, finds or personal research in competition with other large websites. But rather act as an aid, with small useful presentations with links to resources regarding aspects of my interests that were helpful to me, thus maybe also to those who visit here. Additionally, it is a way to share with friends, family and others what I am working on without posting on social media platforms. There is no advertising here or hidden agenda. I am not an expert at any of these fields, but I feel I still have something to contribute. I began this venture Oct, 29, 2020. Thanks for visiting.

Country Gentleman
Cuba Libre
Beach Ladies Engraving

Bunting Map

Flowers Handcolored Engraving



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