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In the distant past man first recorded images on cave walls and carved figures where only a few could view and enjoy. Later drawing and painting were predominant and could be shared more widely, but this medium still lacked the ability for mass appreciation, until the development of the printing press. With the invention of the printing press the sharing of visual arts and ideas vastly increased their reach to the world. Can you see where I am going with this? THE HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY & THE PHOTOGRAPH


I use three programs for post processing Affinity Photo, Pentax Digital Camera Utility 5 and Fast Stone Image Viewer. See my Post Processing Software page here.

Why is Metal Detecting part of my Menu? Yes, I understand that Metal Detecting seems unrelated to photography, but that is just not the case. I have resources there in the links for unusual and historic locations off the beaten path that are in need of a preserving image. Check it out, even if detecting is not your thing, you may still find lost or forgotten treasure.

Gradual loss of archives and collections of materials, photos, artifacts, books and ephemera.

flyingeagleFlyingEagle: I have a Pentax K-70 with the 18-135mm wr & 35mm prime lenses, & K-50 which I purchased recently and a Nikon D3300 which I have had for a few years. I really fancy the Pentax over other cameras I have used and looked at. I am not here to sell anyone on Pentax, rather just to share what I found works for me. I also emphasize that I am not a pro. I use my cameras to shoot images of antique paper, books and antiques for sale on ebay, to record memories and for enjoyment. So what I use must be functional and take the best images I can get for the money.

In Depth Pentax K-70 Review
Weatherproof Pentax K-70 DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens Add to that a Pentax 35mm DA L f/2.4 AL Lens (equivalent to 52.5mm in 35mm format) all for under $1000.
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Pentax Image IBIS In Body Image Stabillization Demonstration

Pentax introduces it's new flagship Pentax K-3 III
a 26-megapixel APS-C camera. No need to go full frame.
Video Messages from the K3 III development team members

Photographer’s perspective Video Interviews

Japan’s Favorite Camera Brand Isn’t Canon, Nikon, or Sony, Survey RevealsMay 17, 2021 "PetaPixel"

Video: Kerrick James using Pentax cameras for 50 years, explains why and first impressions of the Pentax K-3 III.

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Why I Still Shoot With Pentax a Video

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The History of Pentax 1hr 38min Video Documentary

Pentax Principles & the Future of SLR Photography
"Today, eye-level photography is the most common style of photography. This would never have happened without the introduction of a pentaprism, and this is where PENTAX found its brand name."

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Pro Photographer Uses Pentax K-3 III
In this video, we're joining editorial and fine art photographer Neil Buckland, as he shoot a variety of subjects using Ricoh's new Pentax K-3 III. From the studio out into the street, Neil puts the K-3 III through its paces for portraiture, still life and macro work - including capturing one subject that's literally out of this world.

Ricoh Pentax for Street Photography

Why a Pentax? First off I did not want to spend a ton of money on my camera and lenses just to get a decent picture. The Pentax K-70 with the DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL DC WR lens are both weather resistant, 24MP - APS-C CMOS Sensor, No Anti-aliasing (AA) filter so images are so much sharper, in body Sensor-shift Image Stabilization, every k mount lens ever made will work on this camera, 3" Fully Articulated Screen, Built in Wireless and more for under $800. The 18-135mm wr lens takes excellent photos for all around use and I don't have to worry about a little rain. I also have the Pentax 35mm DA L f/2.4 AL Lens, inexpensive, yet it takes amazingly sharp images. So for under a grand I have a camera system that has features that would cost me twice that from any other manufacturer. Check out this comparison here. The camera offers 12 Custom Image Profiles in camera and RAW processing software for processing into any of those 12 image profiles in post. Look at a full explanation and samples on the Ricoh website here. The Nikon D3300 only offers 6 image profiles is not weatherproof, etc.

I started looking beyond my D3300 after many frustrating attempts to get a good, sharp image of graphics and text for the antique paper I sell on ebay. Ebay restricts the image size to not more than 7 mp. I was using my Nikon D3300 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens in order to get the sharpest images possible. I tried different lighting, tripod, adjusting the in camera settings to get sharp, contrasty images without success. Yes, I could shoot RAW and post process every image to improve it before using it on ebay, but I could not afford the extra time that would take. I need decent pictures right out of the camera.

I purchased my K-70 strictly for personal use, but after testing it to shoot items for ebay I found it was far superior using the Pentax 35mm DA L f/2.4 AL Lens for text and graphics. I was so impressed with the results and how easy it was to get a great image every time that I purchased a dedicated camera for my ebay sales, the Pentax K-50. Also, the K-50 has two Custom User Modes where I can save my Manual settings. U1 for 3D product lighting setup on one side of the room & U2 for flat items on the other side of the room. It could not get any better and simpler than that.

I am practical, so rather than buy a bigger zoom for the K-70, I use the Nikon D3300 with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Lens for outdoor and nature shots. See some shots with this camera and lens here. UPDATE: As of May 2021 sold my Nikon D3300 system and I am not missing it at all. I found an older 70-270mm K mount lens for my Pentax for under a $100 that works wonderfully and erased every reason for keeping the D3300. Sorry Nikon.

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Here is post explaining the difference between Smartphone and DSLR cameras

I thought this shot was amazing, it shows what can be done with the right equipment, skill and determination... For a total of 6.9 hours of imaging, the longest single image with my RASA 11 so far.

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