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Shadow21Shadow21 - I have been metal detecting since the early 1980's however my interest began long before that. Back in the 1960's my dad bought himself a VLF Detectron metal detector and it caught my interest back then as a child. In the interim between then and the 80's I did my searching without a detector. Panning for gold in New Hampshire, rockhounding wherever I could, hunting for arrowheads in Ohio fields with my cousins, etc. In the early 1980's the technology for ground balance and conductive discrimination was getting better, so I bought my first detector, a Garrett Master Hunter ADS. Since I now had my detector I searched the Treasure Magazines for a local club and found a newly formed one in my area of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. At a club beach hunt, I was drawn to a guy that had a newly designed detector and he was finding more than everyone else. That gentleman was Kevin Reilly of Reilly's Treasured Gold in Pompano Beach, Fl. and the detector was a Fisher 1260x. I ordered one from him and was hooked on Fisher metal detectors for many years after. We also became good friends. Those newly designed Fisher detectors were faster, deeper and just better in every respect. Other brands were still using those heavy metal boxes, non-ergonomic handles and their performance was, in my opinion lacking. Over the years I owned a Fisher 1225x, 1260x, 1265x, 1280x underwater, 1270, CZ-5, CZ-70, ID Excel, ID Edge and F-75. Other brands include the Minelab Advangage, Minelab Sovereign, Minelab X-terra 70, Whites PI-1000 Underwater, Tesoro Silver Sabre, Tesoro Sand Shark, Garrett Master Hunter ADS, Garrett Freedom 3, Compass Coinscanner Pro 2, Detector Pro Headhunter Pulse, Teknetics T-2, Shadow X3, Shadow X5, XP Goldmax, Vista Smart, Makro Racer and Makro Racer 2. In the 1990's I began designing websites, mainly for metal detector dealers. Combined with my love of Fisher detectors, the word eventually reached Fisher Lab and was contacted to reconstruct their website along with Teknetics and Bounty Hunter also. As of this date 10/2020 the Fisher and Bounty Hunter sites I set up are still active.

Going back to 2000 / 2001 we were always on the lookout for new technology that would give us an edge at finding older, deeper, more valuable targets. There was a buzz going around that an ex military communications engineer, Troy Galloway, was developing a new detector, based upon his success with the Shadow X2 manufactured by Tesoro. The new line would be several steps above that boasting extreme depth in difficult ground, lightweight and weather sealed. I was fascinated and kept up with any news regarding Troy's new detectors. There was an online weekly radio show called the Bugler's Shack Radio Hour that had Troy on as a guest to talk about this new technology. I was so enthralled with his bold venture of designing a metal detector beyond what all the big manufacturers had ever offered, that I even recorded that show. LISTEN TO THIS HISTORICAL RECORDING HERE

So, before the detector even became available, Troy himself contacted me to design his new website, Troy Custom Detectors, which I gladly did. I was able to get, through my friend Kevin Reilly No. 0021 Shadow X5, 21st off the assembly line. Thus my handle Shadow21. Additionally Troy sent me a Shadow X3 to use/keep and asked that I write a complete field test on it for the new website. For me at that time, life was grand. In honor of Troy Galloway I am posting a copy of his website here for everyone to view. A glimpse at a great, historical metal detector achievement. VIEW TROY CUSTOM DETECTORS WEBSITE HERE

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