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As a child I was interested in exploring and searching for money, rocks, fossils and ancient artifacts. When talking affectionately about me my mom would state "You have rocks in your head and dollar signs in your eyes". I was born on Long Island, NY and moved to Hollywood, Florida when I was 11. At about 13 I learned about the Broward County Archaeological Society (BCAS) run by Wilma Williams, who just happened to live less than a mile from our home, only a bicycle ride away. I introduced myself and was immediately invited to join on their weekend digs throughout Broward County. There I learned how to properly dig a pit and excavate artifacts and bones. It was thrilling for me getting to do something I only previously saw professionals on television doing. At that time the towns of Broward were expanding fast and the BCAS had a difficult time keeping ahead of the developer's bulldozers.

The Florida Anthropologist (archive) is the quarterly journal of the Florida Anthropological Society, and was first published in May 1948. The journal publishes on a wide variety of anthropological topics relative to Florida. One of its principle publishing interests is Pre-Columbian societies. But, articles also document colonial establishments and colonization of Florida, early modern Florida, etc.

Public lands and trails that include one or more archaeological sites on Florida Hikes!

Florida Public Archaeology Network - The Florida Public Archaeology Network's mission is to promote and facilitate the conservation, study and public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage through regional centers throughout the state, each of which has its own website.

Florida Dept. of State Division of Archaeology - Here you will find information regarding laws on digging artifacts, how to access collections and more.

Wikipedia Archaeological sites in Florida

Florida Memory Photo Exhibits: Archaeology


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The New Florida Journal of Anthropology


Evindence for Stepped Pyramids of Shell in Woodlands Period of Eastern North America (incl. Florida) pdf

Archaeologists excavate on Mound Key in Florida, the location of the long-lost Calusa king's house and a nearby Spanish fort.


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