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I am providing links so you can do your own research. It appears there are broad stroke outlines of Florida's role in the Civil War, but intricate detailed stories will have to be uncovered through investigation to find what may be of interest to the explorer or relic hunter.

For example: Flight into Oblivion by Hanna, is a record of the last days of the Confederacy and the subsequent retreat / escape of President Davis and his cabinet. Several of them attempted escape through Florida to either leave the country or get to Texas. This book tells only a small part, however in great detail, of Florida's involvement, a small part of the whole. So to learn more on Florida's role in the Civil War, one will have to delve into many of the resources available to piece together a more complete picture. Please share any additional resources.

Civil War in Volusia County
Artist's rendering of a Civil War fight near Braddock Farm :
Volusia, County, Florida. January 1865

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