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Shadow21Visit these club websites as each has useful information regarding the hobby, but their greatest value are the members that have experience and can offer advice, friendship and a loyal hunting partner. I have met many detectorists in a park or at the beach that are loners who avoid clubs. I don't quite know why, as every detectorist has something to offer to enrich a club. Supporting a club IS supporting the metal detecting hobby.

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Gold Coast Treasure Club, West Palm Beach (southeast Florida)

Suncoast Research & Recovery Club, St. Petersburg

Central Florida Metal Detecting Club, Sanford (central Florida)

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Inc., Sebastian (central east Florida)

Dig & Find Coinshooters & Historical Club, Daytona Beach (central east Florida)

South Florida Treasure Hunters Club, Hollywood (southeast Florida)

Detectorist Code of Ethics

1. Always check Federal, State, County and local laws before searching.

2. Respect private property and do not enter private property without the owner’s permission.

3. Take care to refill all holes and do no damage.

4. Remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter found.

5. Appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, wildlife and private property.

6. Act as an ambassador for the hobby; use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times.

7. Never destroy historical or archeological treasures.

8. All treasure hunters may be judged by the example you set; always conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others.


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