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Jim Warnke
James Warnke, Marion Bentley Wall and Roland James Dack

Jim Warnke Business Card
Jim's Calling Card

The late Jim Warnke May 30, 2004.

The History of Boynton Beach, Florida was written by James Warnke

1976 documentary, The History of Boynton Beach, Florida. James Warnke persuaded Lowell Thomas from the syndicated TV show Lowell Thomas Remembers to narrate the original film, which cost $10,000 to produce in 1976. Half of the money came from donations, while the city of Boynton Beach paid the remainder. Read the article about the roving photograhers and the restoration of the poorly made 25 min documentary VHS to a DVD.

Watch the documentary History of Boynton Beach here.

Other books include: Some of these can still be found online even though long out of print.

Ghost Towns of Florida: James R. Warnke
Search! by James R. Warnke
Side roads of Florida, by James R Warnke
The History of Boynton Beach, Florida by James Warnke

Here are two files, first is a zoomable map and the second is a Memoir to accompany the map which include written descriptions of the various military trails on the map. Some of these trails may still be in extant today, located and followed. Yes, they lead from one fort to another, but in between are campsites, and other significant features yet to be found.

Liet. J. C. Ives, Topog'1 Engineers Military Map of the Peninsula of Florida South of Tampa Bay 1856

Memoir Notes to Accompany the 1856 Ives Military Map

Most of the collections has been scanned into pdf files for easy viewing and zooming.

Jim Warnke's notes on Florida Forts

Jim Warnke's Letters

Jim Warnke's notes on old towns

Jim Warnke's notes on misc. Florida treasure / detecting sites.

View Jim Warnke's Maps on Flickr


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