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Crime Scene Photos of the 19th Century: Pioneering criminologist Alphonse Bertillon (the story)

Crime Scene Photos of the 19th Century: Image collection at the Met Museum

Gustave Gain’s Color Autochromes Bring The Past To Life: Autochrome, the first industrial color photography technique created by brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière in 1903.

AlexDoomer2009: An excellent photographer posting on livejournal many images of abandoned places in Europe.

Abandoned Places: a livejournal photo blog I find interesting.

Great Film Photographers Aphabetical List & Links to Collections

Livejournal is a one of my favorite sites to explore as it's bloggers are mostly Russian and Eastern European. So the content and photographs are quite different from what we are used to, but fine none the less. By the way, if you visit livjournal, use Google Chrome as it will automatically translate the pages for you.

Igor Gromov: A splendid Russian Photographer from St. Petersburg who posts his photographs on livejournal.

Another livejournal blogger. "Hello! My name is Aleksey. I started traveling on my own in 2011. During this time, traveled 55 countries." From there he lists all the countries with links to his photos.

Another resident of St. Petersburg, Russia, Book Mouse on live journal, Tamara Kurochkina. Hers is a blog of daily life there with many photos. Reading her posts can be hilarious, as the translation is not always accurate.



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