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In full disclosure I share the following. We are non-denominational and do not belong to any group or organization.

Regarding scripture, God's word is truth. Translations may have errors which is why we research to get to the original God breathed word 2Ti 3:16-17, and that there is no private or ones own interpretation 2Pe 1:20. We utilize keys from within scripture and laws of language which cannot be broken along with other research tools to help us in our quest.

We believe Jesus the Christ is Lord and head over all things to church (Greek: ekklesia), the one body of Christ. That the church is not a building or an organization established by man. That leadership in the church and within the body of Christ is ordained by God, directed by the gift, holy spirit within individuals to serve in love Eph 4:11-12 & 1Co 12:28 (And God hath set some in the church...). No man made organization can usurp God's authority through Jesus Christ to do that.

We believe that the gift of holy spirit, power from on high, the new birth, sonship, eternal life was made available on the day of Pentecost Acts 2 and is available to all men that confess Jesus as Lord Rom 10: 9-10. That we are saved by grace and not by works Eph_2:8,  2Ti_1:9. That we have the right, privilege and duty to operate the gift of holy spirit as laid out in 1 Cor chpt 12-14. That after the first outpouring of the gift on Pentecost that it was no longer necessary for believers to meet in a temple or place of worship. All subsequent churches (Greek: ekklesia, assemblies) met in the home Rom_16:5, Col_4:15, Phm_1:2. Among those that have Jesus as Lord and head of the body there is no division or strife. Organizations ruled by men holding traditions of men higher than the word of God divide God's people into denominations and sects. If we are all born again of the same spirit by God who is Holy and Spirit through Jesus Christ, then we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Traditions of men hinder Christians from receiving all that is available by dividing us out from full fellowship with one another and with God. When Jesus Christ returns there will be no divisions among those that are his. So today, we hold high the word of God above the word and words of men and study to rightly divide the word of truth 2Ti_2:15.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he was born a man without sin... more on this soon.

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So much has already been researched and is readily available to work and make our own, so that we need not begin our endeaver studying and learning God's heart for us from scratch on our own. We utilize all that is available as long as it stands the test of "it is written" and the word or words of God are not shared out of context or not according to the proper keys in researching scripture.

Christian Family Fellowship Ministry has a Power of God series that takes one from the basics on through advanced stuff. Yet suitable for everyone. Approx 74 hours of teaching that will take one from an uninformed, unlearned Christian to one with undertstanding and power.

Living in God's Power
Growing in God's Power
Led by God's Power
Ministering in God's Power

Oikios Christian Network - A network of affiliated fellowships - concentrated in Florida, but other locations also. teachings, classes, and more..

Fellow Laborers - A collection of some of the best websites and classes from and for Believers in the One True God, and his son, Jesus Christ

REV Revised English Version Online - Their goal was to develope an "essentially literal" translation that is more accurate and in today's English. Read more about the REV Bible here.

Sprit & Truth Fellowship Acadamy - Free teaching seminars

Spirit & Truth Fellowship - Has audio, video teachings and articles also available on their website.


We have available to those interested, fellowship / church in the home by way of Zoom, 7 pm EST every Wednesday. Use the contact form, and we will send the details so you can join us by phone or zoom app. Lasts about an hour.


Genesis One: God's Table of Contents to the Bible by Melvin W. Elliott

My Neighbor Jesus by George Lamsa

Books by E. W. Bullinger

The Companion Bible - (self extracting zip) A superb research bible for the serious student. 652mb
50 Books by E.W. Bullinger available here

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