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Here you will find l inks to resources to help find historical locations for metal detecting, fossil and artifact hunting or exploring and photography.

Shadow21Shadow21: I post this information to encourage further research into Florida's past. Maybe you can find an historic site that has not yet been found or recover artifacts from a soon to be developed location. An important caveat: OBEY STATE AND LOCAL LAWS regarding any and every aspect of land access, search and recovery. I don't support illegal activity regarding, trespassing, collecting, metal detecting or exploring throughout Florida. Detectorist Code of Ethics

Guide to Metal Detecting in Florida - Where you can, where you cannot detect, local information by region and county, a concise useful guide.

Timeline of Florida History: You will see here that Florida has a diverse history and many areas of search and research are available. From fossil hunting, recovering Indian artifacts, digging historically significant relics, coin shooting, beach hunting or diving for Spanish Treasure and more.

Cartography lovers unite! The David Rumsey Map Collection on is home to more than 100,000 historic maps,
atlases, charts, and diagrams, dating from the 16th century to the modern day

Resources are available many times by county. For example, look what is available for Palm Beach County at Palm Beach History Online. As of 2020 there are 11 Issues of Tustenegee History Journal for download, each filled with information, photos and more. The website also includes native, pioneer life, maps, notable people and so on. Here is a Brief History of West Palm Beach in pdf from another source.

Books on your interest. Start with the your local library, then proceed to purchasing copies on Amazon or Ebay. Some books that are no longer under copyright law can be found online at Project Gutenberg which has over 60,000 Ebooks or Loyal Books for several thousand books in audio format. For instance, if you search Loyal Books using the term "pirates" you will find several dozen related books in audio format. Following is one available on Loyal Books as an example.

The Pirates of Panama by Alexandre Exquemelin (c. 1645-1707)
Esquemeling served the Buccaneers in the capacity of barber-surgeon, and was present at all their exploits. Little did he suspect that his first hand observations would some day be cherished as the only authentic and true history of the Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main.

Florida Memory State Library & Archives - Florida Memory is a digital outreach program providing free online access to select archival records from collections housed in the State Library and Archives of Florida. Florida Memory digitizes materials that illuminate the state's history and culture.

Florida Division of Historical Resources is a great starting point. Here you can find listings of Historical Markers, Master Site Files and Documents, Archaeology and more. I note again for those hard of hearing, obey all laws pertaining to historic sites and property ownership. You may not be able to access an historic site other than for viewing and photography, however, private property nearby may give you permission to search, or locations nearby may be under development where again you may get permisson to search. Expand your area of opportunity and research beyond the confines of historic sites in these links. Let these resources lead you to locations that have open access for new exploration.


Universities and historical archives have many online resources, including historical maps, historical accounts, documents, photos and more. Search online for additional university or historical archive websites.

Exploring Florida: College of Education, University of South Florida Resource for Students & Teachers. Here you will find the following...

Thousands of multimedia resources for Florida history are available from the Resources menu options at left. (See license.) Choose from over 4,600 photos, 6,000 maps, 173 virtual reality panoramas, 1,150 stereoviews, and 11 pieces of royalty-free Florida music you can use in school projects.

Over 9,000 photographs of Florida are also available on the ClipPix ETC website. Most of these photos are more recent than the ones in the Exploring Florida photos collection and are therefore much larger and available in multiple sizes.

Enjoy the Florida Audiobook Collection at Lit2Go. Selections include Jack Tier, Canoemates, American Naturalist Rambles in Florida, The Flamingo Feather, At the Dry Tortugas During the War, Florida Essays and Poems, and other works set in or inspired by the Sunshine State.

Over one thousand stereoviews are now available in the "Florida in 3D" section. Get out your red/blue 3D glasses to explore Florida's past in three dimensions right on your computer screen.

State and local historical societies have a treasure trove of material and books on the local city or county history. However, you may need to make an appointment and visit in person. Access to material varies between them, publications may be available for order.

Google maps and Google Earth along with state topographic maps are all available online.

Google maps can be viewed using any browser, smart phone or tablet and allows for switching between map or satellite view. However it has limited features for the serious researcher.

Google Earth can only be viewed using the Google Chrome browser which gives superior map and satellite images with many additional features. Features like distance between points, historical map images and more. Use with additional browers and smart phones will be available soon.

As an example, after reading The Gold of Exodus I used Google Earth to view the real Mt. Sinai, Jabal al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia. I was able to find the alter and the twelve pillars constructed by the Israelites as described in the Bible.

After doing some research, actually visiting a town or location is just as important. Scout the area, talk to locals if appropriate and do some legwork to get a feel regarding your interest.

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If you have visited interesting sites and have a story or photos, please share them with us.

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